25 May 2019

In co-operation with specialists from Slovak monuments board we have prepared for you an educational enrichment of the program, which the location of this year's festival calls for thanks to its history - a lecture about paleolit.

22 May 2019

Ak chceš vypomôcť na tohtoročnom festivale, sem sa:
Prihlasuj sa pokiaľ možno najneskôr do 9.6.2019.
Následne ťa bude budeme kontaktovať s bližšími info.

17 May 2019

Thanx Stanislav Kostka (animation) and Svjatogor (graphic design)!
Stanislav Kostka web page:
Matúš Svjatogor Ďurčík web page:

16 May 2019

In cooperation with 4D gallery we are preparing a linocut workshop for festival visitors.
You can become part of creation of a great collective graphic that reflects the authenticity of each author, the uniqueness of individual within one concept.
When: Saturday, July 6 2019 afternoon.

Limited capacity approx. 8-10 persons -> act fast and sign up by mail -> sabova.4d (at)

28 Apr 2019

Who prefers more comfortable accommodation and don´t want to camp by the castle, we recommend you to book accommodation ASAP.
Since we are next to Piešťany city which is a spa city and July is a top spa season there, many hotels can be fully booked soon.
For accomodation tipy click INFO section here on the web... or Google :)

7 Apr 2019

this years flyer again with the theme of the location - castle and Moravian Venus...
xylography and graphic design by Svjatogor (

2 Feb 2019

and here it is!
You can grab your 3 day festival pass for 40 € in limited edition (at least till 31.03.2019).
More info -> Tickets.

16 Jun 2018

Tickets will be available also at the gate.
See U soon at Rosice castle.

12 Jun 2018

If you are interested in accreditation (report for zine/webzine etc...or you are a professional photographer/cameraman) feel free to send us e-mail till 22.06 2018 -> hradbysamoty (at) with subject "Accreditation".