Introduction of visual arts of the festival - it´s going to be BIG!

7 Jun 2019

Extensive visual art exhibition is a result of cooperation between Hradby Samoty (Walls of Solitude) and creative center 4D Gallery.
Besides various interior installations, the visitors can look forward to large sized statues in the park of the manor house. There will be 35 exhibitors across different art generations. The oldest generation is represented by significant Slovak authors, unfortunately already departed, such as Ján Mathé and Milan Adamčiak. While still alive, they created large sculptures for 4D Gallery and those will be presented in the park together with statues by Laco Teren, Ivan Csudai, Peter Roller, Ladislav Sabo, Jakub Trajter, and Zuzana Sabová.
Dionýz Troskó will present a site specific piece of art - 8 meters tall lookout tower, which the visitors can climb up to and become a part of it as an art piece.
Indoor art section will include sculptures and installations by Jaroslav Kyša, Matej Rosmány and Matúš Lányi. There will also be a strong representation of Košice sculpture school - ASK 3D Studio of Radovan Čerevka, Faculty of Arts, Technical University. Well known Slovak painters and graphic designers such as Lucia Dovičáková, David Demjanovič and Jarmila Mitríková, Tomáš Klepoch, Paľo Čejka, or from the youngest generation Ľubomíra Sekerášová, Kristýna Hejlová and so on.
The exhibition will slowly change overtime, as some parts will only be active during the festival - sound objects and light installation such as front facade mapping by Nano VJs and back facade mapping by Samayel, also various VJ screening during concerts (Andrej Kolenčík, Mašindog and many more). The ground floor of the manor house will contain sound objects, such as cable robots by Radovan Dranga, installation with an infinite echo by Jiří Suchánek, meditative screening with ambient sound by Boris Sirka, or sound object by Lubo Mikle played by RBNX. Many of these items will fall silent after the festival, however the exhibition will be upgraded by drawings and graphics created during festival workshops.
The exhibition is free to visit during the whole summer until 31st of August 2019.