CINEMA HRADBY vs. FEST ANČA animated films

9 Jun 2019

This year - in addition to the classic cinema program - we started a collaboration with excellent international festival of animated films Fest Anca.
You can look forward to Anča in Mordor and Best Of Fest Anča.
Selection of the best films from the 12th edition of Fest Anca - the international animation festival.

Best Of Fest Anča 2019 -> Twelve hundred films from over 60 countries were registered in 2018. These are winners of competitions for short animated films, short student animations, animated music videos, and short animated films for children.

Anča in Mordor
Fest Anča introduces a special section for viewers with very particular tastes - screenings that share one distinctive feature: after seeing the films, the world will never look quite the same. Gates of Mordor are inching open frame by frame...