The number 13 is considered by many to be unlucky – there are hotels that don’t mark rooms or elevator buttons with it, in the Tarot it represents death, it inspires horror creators, Friday the 13 th is even more disturbing than Blue Monday. However, in some cultures this numeral brings good luck…

The festival of experimental audio-visual arts Hradby samoty [Walls of Solitude] will be held for the thirteenth time this year, from July 4 to 6, 2024 in an old castle of the small town Jablonica, located in the western part of Slovakia. It will include a contemporary art exhibition focused on the thirteen and its symbolism in history, religion, science, art, culture and pop culture. In a broader context, we also want to look at various phobias, superstitions, conspiracies, mysticism or different forms of happiness/luck and unhappiness/bad luck.

Does your artistic practice include topics related to the exhibition? Send us samples of your work together with your current portfolio – maybe the number 13 will make you lucky and we will choose your works to be included in the show.

Students of visual arts, professional artists and designers, even amateur creators can participate in this open call.

Send the portfolios and works to:

with subject: VISUAL – OPEN CALL – YOUR NAME

Deadline: March 13 2024

the organizers provide:
 — exhibition space and all energy
 — curatorial supervision at the exhibition and consultation
 — graphic and promotional materials for the exhibition with visual identity of the festival
 — printing of promotional materials for the exhibition (posters, bulletin, annotations…)
 — PR of the exhibition (distribution of the press release to the media, promotion on the website and social networks of the event, newsletter, printed magazines)
 — profesional photo documentation of the exhibition (photo documentation of works during the festival)
 — opening during the festival
 — help with installation/uninstallation
 — guided tour with a curator of exhibition during the festival
 — if necessary, assistance with the transport of works is possible

We will inform the selected artists until 13 April 2024.

By submitting the application, you agree to the stated conditions.


In addition to visual artists, we are launching this open call also for musicians. If you have a solo project or a band and would like to play at the festival, send us (ideally) a press kit containing info/bio and music samples so that we can make the best decision.

You can sign up via the aforementioned email: with the subject: MUSIC – OPEN CALL – YOUR NAME

Deadline: 13 March 2024

the organizers provide:
 — professional technical team
 — great sound system and professional lights
 — catering
 — fee in the range of 100-150 €

The festival does not cover travel costs.

if necessary, we will provide accommodation.

We will inform the selected artists until 13 April 2024.

By submitting your application you agree with the conditions above and that you are available on dates 4-5-6.July 2024.