16 May 2019

In cooperation with 4D gallery we are preparing a linocut workshop for festival visitors.
You can become part of creation of a great collective graphic that reflects the authenticity of each author, the uniqueness of individual within one concept.
When: Saturday, July 6 2019 afternoon.

Limited capacity approx. 8-10 persons -> act fast and sign up by mail -> sabova.4d (at)

28 Apr 2019

Who prefers more comfortable accommodation and don´t want to camp by the castle, we recommend you to book accommodation ASAP.
Since we are next to Piešťany city which is a spa city and July is a top spa season there, many hotels can be fully booked soon.
For accomodation tipy click INFO section here on the web... or Google :)

7 Apr 2019

this years flyer again with the theme of the location - castle and Moravian Venus...
xylography and graphic design by Svjatogor (

2 Feb 2019

and here it is!
You can grab your 3 day festival pass for 40 € in limited edition (at least till 31.03.2019).
More info -> Tickets.

16 Jun 2018

Tickets will be available also at the gate.
See U soon at Rosice castle.

12 Jun 2018

If you are interested in accreditation (report for zine/webzine etc...or you are a professional photographer/cameraman) feel free to send us e-mail till 22.06 2018 -> hradbysamoty (at) with subject "Accreditation".

10 Jun 2018

final poster for Hradby Samoty 2018
Design by: Frydova & RPx aka Aetyr (riot.pixel)

7 Jun 2018

Hello there, presale ends 15.6.2018 so dont let us stress till the last day :) Then tickets directly at the gate.
Who wants to camp, please book the camping ticket online to be sure.

27 May 2018

If you are interested in helping with a good thing you can register here:
More detailed informations you can find HERE