7 Jul 2022

WORKSHOPS at Hradby Samoty

You can also learn something new at the festival - so go for it! During Friday and Saturday we prepared 3 workshops.

KUNDY CREW - embroidery workshop. You will learn cross stitch under the guidance of angry girls, maybe you will make a new patch or a nice embroidered picture with a committed motto. WS should take place on Friday afternoon in the courtyard of the castle, you can't miss it. Among other things, Kundy Crew will also bring their works and you will be able to see their exhibition. In their embroideries, KC deals with feminist, anti-fascist, misanthropic, serious, funny, current topics. Cross stitch, as a traditional technique they chose to record their messages, carries a certain conservatism. In this connection, however, it becomes the bearer of radical messages and helps create new "traditions" that are not based on prejudices and stereotypes.

WEIRD VISUALS - cyanotype or photochemical blueprint. The beautiful forgotten technique is notable for its deep blue color and magical creation process. Alternative photography technique from 1842, which works on the principle of photosensitivity of iron salts. Cyanotype allows you to experiment with the image and advance conceptual thinking. WS will take place on Friday and Saturday around noon (we need the power of the sun) in the courtyard. And who are WEIRD VISUALS? A group of three friends united by their love of life and experimental fine art. They work with analog projections using meotars, light effects and like to discover forgotten techniques. They create vivid moving light paintings based on the 1960s psychedelic art known as Liquid Light Shows.

The technique consists in turning off the internal "autocorrect". It is a way of creative writing in which we let ideas flow freely on paper, while trying to forget learned phrases, literary conventions and stereotypes. The workshop includes exercises in improvisational theater and performance. Each participant will have the opportunity to perform their text directly at the festival as part of the Slam Poetry exhibition. WS will take place on Friday afternoon in the courtyard.

Slam poets this time in an unconventional form of slam theater. Slam theater is based on the combination of traditional poetic theater and the modern performative genre of Slam Poetry. It is a fluid formation of performers who, through the dramatization of the author's texts, create a complete theatrical performance in the form of the spoken word. The literary program will also include a workshop, the participants of which will be able to take part in the final performance together with the slammers.
Performers: Viktória "Danica" Citráková, Monos, Thea Sedmidubská, Sigma.

1 week to go!