The journey continues...

6 Feb 2018

This year we are returning to Rosice again! It's hard to say if we will be able to do so in the future, but this year we are pleased that Rosice castle - which has become a safe harbor for us- once again opens its gates to well-known spaces but also the ones that were closed till now. It will offer us the place to live together again, lot of new unique experiences, friendly meetings and a pleasant atmosphere...

Besides the locations of classical theater, tap-room, the castle moat will serve again as a chill-out zone with fire, from a fallout shelter you will be able to move up to the nearby garden, and the exhibition spaces are going to be expanded too. The underground of the castle will provide a sanctuary for soundsystems and the second stage.

We are still trying to introduce new things to the festival and invite colorful mix of artists, which we enjoy but maybe they don´t recieve enough space on the club scene. We’ve been always trying not to be just a small copy of foreign festivals, whose line-ups are often similar with touring bands (they will find a place other than us), but we are searching in the deeper underground waters so you can discover with us these different micro-scenes and help to interconnect them. We are trying to collaborate with performers, publishers, promoters and, last but not least, we need support from you. This year we have only "exclusive" performances from projects that are not on tour.

As we believe we've chosen a very varied audio-visual delicacies for your ears and eyes. The second stage will be ruled by AVA collective - a well-known group that has been doing great atmospheric events in various non-traditional venues, but of course you will also get a good party every night.

Several underground locations will be occupied by members of the dark art group called Infernalismus, who will be present in the castle moat - place filled with poetry, some musical performances, etc. The new vault room will be used for other exhibitions. Parts of the castle will become alive with installations / mapping directly on selected sections of the building.
Till the start of the evening program in the theater and on the second stage, you will be able to chill in the cinema which should be located in the fallout shelter. This place should also serve for site-specific installations and exhibitions.
Soldering workshop will take place this year as well. Some of you will be able to take home the self-produced box by masters from Bastl Instruments who will also play some live acts in addition to the workshop...

Step by step we start introducing the projects so you can get to know them closer. We are looking forward to bring all these things together and see how the festival will begin to live with its organic life - we really can´t wait.

The presale will be launched soon - we would like to remind you that all these years it has been a non-profit festival and every year is some amount dedicated to specific landmarks - so far we are without grants or similar kind of support - total D.I.Y. principle and your support is necessary for the preservation, implementation and possible growth of this "symposium". It is a fairly demanding "hobby" and we would like to share it with you :).

And those who have been reading down here - we are also opening a call for volunteers in various areas, such as PR, web design and web management, graphics, and last but not least, realization works on site in different positions (bar, kitchen and preparations of the festival area so on) so anyone who is willing to help, please contact us by email. Thank you.