Samčo brat dážďoviek is the name of a Brno-based musician and student od Interactive media theory at the Masaryk university. The amount and content of his many musical projects could be compared to the output of the messiah of lo-fi music, R. Stevie Moore. I met Samčo in the Brno’s railways depots.

Samčo started doing music in his early childhood, together with his brother, with whom he still collaborates on several projects. As a part of a improvisation body he performed on Bratislava’s Next festival together with George Cremaschi. He also ventures into the areas of songwriting, lo-fi, noise and experimental electronica as well as 8-bit music. Similar to another enfant terrible of slovak music Batcha de Mental, Samčo too enjoys the sonic deconstruction of bizzare aspects of Slovakia’s religious, nationalist and cultural life.