Hradby Samoty V

castle Rosice, Brno, CZ

IN SLAUGHTER NATIVES (industrial/martial/dark ambient, SWE)
BAD SECTOR (dark ambient/experimental/industrial, IT)
PAPRSKY INŽENÝRA GARINA (old school industrial, CZ)
SUI GENERIS UMBRA (ritual/dark electro/ambient/goth/experimental, PL)
SVARTSINN (dark ambient, NOR)
PHRAGMENTS (dark ambient/martial industrial/neoclassical, SK)
LAMIA VOX (ritual dark ambient, RUS)
THE DEVIL & THE UNIVERSE (ritual ghost wave dark ambient, AT)
ABANDONED ASYLUM (dark ambient/industrial, PL)
MY LIVE EVIL (jazz/noise, SK)
HLUKOVA SEKCE (harsh noise wall, sk-cz)
LAZY BASTARDS SOUNDSYSTEM (tekno/breakcore/hardcore/metal/industrial/techno/
idm/ambient/experimental/dnb/noise/+…, SK
RUZOVI KOVBOJI (wild electronic rhythm/power electronics, SK)
SHIBUYA MOTORS (experimental/noise/free jazz, SK)
БРАДА (ambient/orthodox Doom/improvisation, SK)
DIDAKTIK EM (industrial/experimental/electronics, SK)
777 BABALON (ritual dark ambient/black/noise, SK)
BLAHOSKLONNOST a SHOVIVAVOST (drone/noise/industrial, CZ)
KARL KRAUTER ft NINA (ambient/experimental, CZ)

Hannibal Tripet (oil paint/acrylic paint)
SKEPTA (oil paint/acrylic paint)
VERONIKA U (delicate salt and porcelain works)