Hugo Raýman


"My name is Hugo Raýman, I am a student at the Academy of Fine Arts in the department of Graphic Arts and other media in Bratislava. I have been painting for nine years. Apart from my studies, I am also active in Nová Cvernovka, where, besides my own work, I also participate in the activities of the art colective Tlačenka.
As an animator, I participated in the creation of the feature-length documentary film "Minisalon 1984". I am working on the production of the animated series DROBCI, as a storyboardist. Last year I also participated in the production of the film "Beanie" , which was made in Slovenia/Slovakia/Croatia/Luxembourg co-production, through the company Objectif. I participated in the production of the film "Martin a tajemství lesa", which was made in Czech/Slovakia/Germany co-production, through the company Bfilm.
In my solo practice I am interested in the human psyche and the forms of human existence. Stylistically and stylistically my work is variable, from black and white monotypes to brightly coloured pop art. I consider Vladimir Boudník and Francis Bacon to be my great artistic role models.
My solo work has been presented last year in several group exhibitions (Vystavenisko, Horovod art festival, in Bohemia, Osvit and Xmas market in Bratislava Kunsthalle). At the same time, in 2022 I published an author's zine / satirical handbook "Marketing for artists".

Previous artistic achievements include exhibitions such as Zlievareň (2021), Šum Času bratislavskom Artfóre (2020), Sirotinec 4 (2020), publication of the author's eco-comic " Jedz! Jedz! Jedz!“ (2021) and participation in the Art Battle of the Pezinok Amateur Film Festival (PAFF 2021).

Some of my works have also been published in independent publications Zine without a crown and Voyagerzine."