Hradby Samoty - Bratislava intermezzo 2023

Hradby Samoty - Bratislava intermezzo
festival of experimental audiovisual arts

Podujatie z verejných zdrojov podporil Fond na podporu umenia a Nadácia mesta Bratislavy.

spolupráca/podporili: RTVS, radio_FM, radio Punctum, GoOut, Fullmoon, Citylife, Kam do mesta, metalExpress, Metalirium

(United Kingdom)
William Bennett's Cut Hands project draws inspiration from African rhythms and percussion, blending them with industrial and noise elements to create a unique and intense sound. Known for their live performances, which often feature multiple drummers. Characterized by its hypnotic and primal quality, the project has released several albums and EPs, including their critically acclaimed debut album 'Afro Noise I' in 2012. Cut Hands' innovative approach to percussion and soundscapes has garnered them a dedicated following in the experimental music community, cementing their place as one of the most exciting and boundary-pushing acts in the genre.
Gnaw Their Tongues is an black metal/noise/experimental musical project started by Dutch multi-instrumentalist and composer Maurice de Jong. GTT is a form of catharsis or an immersion into the nasty side of human existence. Unwholesome screaming that channels powerful demons over and among the unstoppable violence of the music. His disturbing wall of noise that refuses structure and melody will drop you, all alone, in an horrifying soundscape of beauty.
Bad sector is a musical project created by Massimo Magrini (Italy). Graduated in Computer Science, he studied academic electronic music and works as a researcher in the Italian National Research Council (CNR). His research topics include digital signal processing and gestural devices for man machine interaction. He teaches Interaction Design at the Academy of Arts in Pisa. As Bad Sector, since 1994, he has been releasing many CDs, vinyls, tapes, always having good response in the international underground scenes. His first album, "Ampos", is generally referred as reference in the dark ambient scene. He usually presents his music in audio-visual performances, often using special controllers. Besides Bad Sector, in 2001 Magrini formed the project Olhon, together with the Where leading member Zairo, exploring the territories between dark ambient and field recordings, using only sounds recorded in extreme locations (caves, underwater etc.) as source material.
(Poland) - Instant Classic
In November 2016 Instant Classic will release a full-length debut album from ARRM – a group created by musicians known from post-black metal band Thaw, Furia. Their self-titled record consists of five instrumental tracks recorded largely live and reminiscent of early Barn Owl and "Hex" era Earth.
"II" is a sophomore album from Polish instrumental group ARRM. It contains 4 brand new tracks that expand band's psychedelic sound, merging influences as diverse as spiritual jazz and modern electronic music.
""In terms of influences, we focused mainly on spiritual jazz from the 70s. I would also add Popol Vuh, folk, afrobeat and of course drone, ambient, dub. We filtered this through our sensitivity and the outcome of this approach can be heard on 'II'," he says. If you're surprised by this wide range of musical genres then you need to learn that ARRM don't limit their live appearances to your typical rock shows. "We play various festivals and venues: starting from metal ones up to psychedelic and noise-focused," Rumiński admits."
Aghiatrias is a project of composer, instrumentalist and sound designer Vladimír Hirsch and soundmaker and producer Tom Saivon, founded in 1999 as a more abstract offshoot of their martial-industrial Skrol, working on the concept of organic unity of the principles of modern compositional techniques of classical music with industrial, dark-ambient and noise structures.
VLADIMÍR HIRSCH is a Czech avantgarde composer, instrumentalist and sound designer, integrating contemporary classical, industrial and dark ambient music. His compositional style is characterized by polymodality and using digital technique to enhance sonic means of expression. He has created an extensive collection of works, which is represented by conceptual or thematic albums, 6 symphonic works, concert compositions, liturgical music, suites, stage music, and a relatively wide range of compositions for piano and organ. Besides creating solo works, he is or was the founding member and leader of bands AGHIATRIAS, SKROL, ZYGOTE, DER MARABU, LUMINAR AX, and other projects.
This group appeared already in 1989, crazy music, in which you could see and hear classical Instruments such as industrial waste, among other things. Beginning with transistors and squeaking rubber ducks, its members have worked their way through the years till they ended up with today’s more ethnic, experimental and ambient version. Because of instruments such as bassoon and the essential projections, this group will transport you into other states.
(Netherlands) - Audiotrauma
Noire Antidote is an experimental & post-industrial project influenced by witch house based in The Netherlands. Distorted bass-lines, noise, moving neoclassical melodies combined with agonistic chants echoing trough the music. Lurking in the darkest corners, wanting to expose everything what is wrong in this world. Creeping around, waiting for the right moment to strike by pushing through with powerful sounds.
(Italy) - Cyclic Law / Cold Meat Industry
Ultra Dark Ambient. Slow and haunting melancholic melodies over deep bass frequencies emerging from the slow rocking shores of the scorched and smothered earth. NRT is a rare entity in the live scene, not to be missed! Taking the listeners into the depths of the human mind with his dark soundscapes and atmospheric density to confront all those desires doubts and also fears that have to be faced to survive in this emotionless world without feelings.
Name as a synonym referencing to suffering and death which has been happening in one of the biggest and the worst Soviet labor camp. PE with the woman at the forefront finally. Massive performance, strong dictate, Stalin turning in his grave.
(Hungary) - Ant-Zen
LivingTotem is a mix of dark levitation, industrial beats and tribal rhythms. ritualcyberpunkdystopia
andrás gulyás aka livingtotem is both a major figure in hungary’s industrial and dark ambient scene and known for his analogue project panoramic barrier, where livingtotem's sound is made in a digital form to accomplish an entirely different set of results. andrás' fascination for electronic music dates back to his childhood when he listened to jean-michel jarre and kraftwerk. influenced by classic ebm and industrial / tribal based artists like skinny puppy, the klinik, portion control, this morn' omina and ah cama-sotz he started livingtotem in 2006. it was and is the project's aim to open a worldwide audiences' eyes and ears to his very own innovative sonic treatments, all of which are clearly audible.
the intelligent sound treatments & arrangements, the mechanical precision and organic natural power, are the cherries on the top of this cake of dark, danceable and avant-garde industrial. once again proving that LivingTotem does not care about music genres and scenes and we love him for it.