Tickets for crypto

29 Jun 2022

This year we are also launching the opportunity to buy tickets in presale for cryptocurrencies.
If you are interested in a crypto ticket, please send an adequate amount of cryptocurrency equal to the price of one ticket -> 45 € till 10.7.2022 (or multiple amount according to the number of tickets) according to the current exchange rate on Kraken on the day of sending to one of the addresses - depending on the type of the currency:
BTC: 1Gz2hnbGBC6TfxGK5UPVcqhZ3xB5eoDTXW
ETH: 0x421554f9afa3c40C1dB1E6EC147b33CEcD3F6A25
LTC: LUFfpJxg6tMhziWYCJeirzGJuE1yuML5bP

+ then send the transaction ID to the email + write the name / nick of the person to whom the ticket should be issued. After verification, we will send an electronic ticket with unique code and that's it :)