Music is a feeling and the right emanation of experienced feelings.
It is a direct and raw reaction, out of control, without premeditation...

Sylvgheist Maëlström imposed himself on the electro-industrial scene, since 2010, with five albums (HANDS production label) with implacable rhythms, dark and cutting sounds (Lahar, Skaftafell, Pripyat, Norillag and his last album Gandrange).
In concert, Sylvgheist Maëlström relies on video to hypnotize the public (Mannheim festival, WGT, Forms of Hands, Maschinenfest, ...).
His set focuses on the cyclical brutality of natural and industrial catastrophic phenomena."

With his 2022 HANDS album, a fruit of four years, Sylvgheist Maelstrom tackles the core subject of his artistic endeavours - the cyclical nature of catastrophic phenomena as well as the inevitability of destruction, the inexorable nature of death and disintegration. These are processed in his creations as an architect, a painter, and a music producer who has garnered considerable praise for his progressive approach at electronic music, bringing together the profound and the enjoyable. “Gandrange” is nothing less than a valuable dual purpose weapon, offering high class industrial electronica, coupled with the possibility of immersion into existential questions of political nature.

“Sylvgheist Maëlström sometimes sounds as a look into the future of industrial music, but I realize this future has already begun since 2010! That’s probably what we call visionary artists !”

“This project no longer has anything to prove. Julien Sylvgheist stands for Electro/Industrial sound intelligence; an artist who’s the antithesis to copycats, but walking at further sonic paths. He brings multiple influences together, but his composition sounds compact and often uplifting. I have a preference for “Florange” driven by a menacing bass line, trance effects and broken beats and “Dorian (Feu)” which sounds as the ultimate Trance piece of the opus.”

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