Andy the Doorbum

United States

Andy the Doorbum's live performance is an immersive, otherworldly experience. A visceral exhibition that blurs the lines between a genre-bending concert, scenes of macabre theatre, ritual incantations of poetry, and unsettling expressions of performance art. This atmosphere is conjured to embody the exercise of confronting the darkness of the world in order to find the small glimmers of light left there worth raging to save. It beckons the observer to delve wholeheartedly into the uncomfortable aspects of existence where few dare linger. The sickness, struggles, and death enveloping societies; the blatant inequalities and injustices consuming marginalized communities; the rising wave of autocrats and authoritarian ideologies; the endless violent wars; and the upending of weather patterns that govern the very life of the planet... It is a somber, rhapsodic, uproarious, and cathartic attempt at watering the reluctant seeds that can be found there which might defiantly spring forth to sprout new growth. With hand-crafted costumes and props, as well as intentionally designed dramatic lighting to accentuate the sonic layering of field recordings, spoken word, and an eclectic array of instrumentation; the work of Andy the Doorbum stares into the stark void, grasping around for the flakes of beauty that might be brought back from its depths to the surface.

"There's a menace and magic to [Andy the Doorbum's music] in almost equal parts. Succumbing to the darkness is his way of confronting it, doggedly sticking to the task of finding cracks and then building beautiful moments from these chinks of light"
-The Irish Times

" some ancient pagan nightmare... lurking in the pitch dark, singing like a crooner of doom... An absolute triumph of powerful minimalism... Andy the Doorbum is a model of dark, riveting artistry"
-Orlando Weekly

"[Andy the Doorbum's] bruised croon tell[s] tales of morally compromised characters clawing at redemption all in a vision that is singularly weird and unyieldingly compelling."

"[Andy the Doorbum's music is] filled with deeply personal ruminations about macro- and micro-traditions of the [American] South, told through pretty songs about nasty things: post-apocalyptic terror, imploding families, mass-gravediggers, preternatural death obsession. His songs...often turn into squalls — psychotropic stomps that race to feverish ends, punctuated by [his] throaty caterwauling."
-Under the Radar (Free Times)

"...tales of American woe told with a gruff voice... But there's a mad-eyed anger and something a little weird to [Andy the Doorbum] that sets [him] apart."
-New Noise

"[Andy the Doorbum's music is] part eerie folk, dimly lit metal, ambient noise, and a good deal of performance art... both mystical and mystifying... triumphantly haunting..."
-Post Trash

"...a cross between a wistful folk song and a Gregorian chant... We might be watching Merlin weaving a pop incantation, a knot of conflicting primal emotions, at the edge of the abyss. Or it could be something entirely different..."
-Queen City Nerve

"Andy the Doorbum knows a thing about seeking and greeting comfort in stark times. [His] songs contain his signature gravelly, hot-coal vocals but there's an ignited sense of reaching out - an open car door inviting the listener to travel with him across the roads of his past. [Andy's music] is natural and undaunted, a genre-less and patient delivery..."
-CLTure Magazine

"Good luck describing this one... Andy the Doorbum [is] constantly striving to push [the] notion of art to its limits and focus on the art as a whole..."
-Creative Loafing

"[Andy the Doorbum] is [an artist] with a truly unique and slightly bizarre worldview... With a surprising range of ideas on display, based entirely on imagination... [His music is] insane, raw, and brilliant..."

"Andy [the Doorbum] seems to have a knack for making [music] out of unexpected noises. Indeed at times it appears [he] is the conductor of some weird otherworldly orchestra... Andy weaves a tapestry dense with hidden melodies and noises of all sorts and varieties... sometimes it's best not to think but just enjoy the fractured beauty of the whole thing."
-Still Not Dead

"Filling a darkening void with a pitch black effort... [Andy the Doorbum's music] should come with a warning label: ...It's not for the faint of heart."
-Ghetto Blaster Magazine

ANDY the DOORBUM - HYMN OF DOLOR: singing away the spider bites (OFFICIAL VIDEO)