Ľubomíra Sekerášová


Ľubomíra Sekerášová excelled significantly during her studies and quickly became one of the emerging strong generation of painters. By her artistic language, she retells situations which have lived with the author all her life, images of darkness, hardness, but also poetic silence and the beauty of her home. Her personal mythology arises inspired by spirituality, supernatural scenes, science fiction, witchcraft and ancient paganism. These phenomena are mixed with the associated metaphysical states of paranoia, delusions, and frightening phenomena. She intertwinds expressive approaches in colors and black-and-white monochrome with an emphasis on light drama, creates romantic mysterious stories, the content of which deliberately arises and disappears with the impossibility of grasping the situation by spectator and disappearing into optical illusions.

Seeker of the new Dawn

Ľubomíra Sekerášová - výber diel pre výstavu v galérii DOT. 2020

ĽUBOMÍRA SEKERÁŠOVÁ ~ Seeker of the New Dawn