Jeanne Frémaux


Jeanne Frémaux was formed 2000 in Zagreb, Croatia by Toma Bačić and Luka Bekavac.
Fluctuating between extreme variants of contemporary glitch-pop and obscure electronic/concrète heritage, Jeanne Frémaux performed in rock clubs, classical venues and art galleries, collaborated with numerous video/theatre/dance artists. The group is working in areas between electroacoustic music and glitch-pop, creating a complex mélange of electronic genres, principally abandoning traditional pop structures in favour of disturbing and highly processed sound-styling and articulate production design.

Jeanne Frémaux produces experimental sound in style of The Hafler Trio, Nurse With Wound, Coil., etc. The group has released several self-distributed CDs (for example, Monoblock Endurance Test AER 022 and Disk Space Recovery). In 2017 Jeanne Frémaux released Xenia M Vincentini album for Bleak label from Austria [bleak065].

The group has performed live some concerts at Wien - Rhitz (Line_In), Wien - WUK, Ljubljana - Bezigrajska galerija (Open Beats), Zagreb - KSET (Project: Broadcasting), Zagreb - Mama (Critical Upgrade), Ljubljana, - Metelkova (Start), Graz - Dom im Berg (Musikprotokoll), etc.

Jeanne Frémaux recorded the soundtrack for raster/skin/wave, a contemporary dance production by the Gravity Group, which premiered in January 2002.

Jeanne Frémaux - Sopra-vivere