Festival of experimental audio-visual arts
On the dark medieval castle in Moravia

HRADBY SAMOTY (Walls of Solitude) is festival which focuses on audiovisual projects affecting musical genres as dark ambient, dark folk, drone, industrial, noise. The idea behind the festival is bringing together these genres with the mysterious atmosphere of monuments marked by the ravages of time.

In our latitudes, this subculture is maily a matter of clubs. So in place is a question how are related the monuments and this kind of art. Historical monumensts are the bearers of long past and their often melancholy atmosphere is very emotional – just as visual art full of mysterious and surprising sounds, accompanied by theatrical elements and alarming projections.

If such “teatro ambienti tenebrae” is set in a captivating atmosphere of night sights, the final effect is even more impressive.

3 days of mysterious atmosphere, music and art