Czech Republic

dronish aesthetic purr mixed with neuro-muscular interplay stretched on psychedelic entirety

live | Phuture Unknown | CZ, Praha

ČRNÁ ZEM is a bicephalous live project that joined the idea of creation of the labyrinthine soundwave emission element which melting down both conceptual and impromptu procedures that are objectified into one solid synergetic organ. ČRNÁ ZEM (formely BLACK HIGHWAY) sound is assisted by many instrumentations (trumpet, guitar, bass guitar, violin, voice) whose role is alternatively metabolised, collapsed or even vaporised.
The sound also employs many non-instrumental sources, industrial stages & rough field recordings.
ČRNÁ ZEM grows out of the garden of drone, dark ambient, industrial and noise, releaving from the gravity of formal bondages and ties into outspoken vitality.

ČRNÁ ZEM stands also behind the PHUTURE UNKNOWN project, a little independent collective dedicated to experimentation with the mind resorts representing vital aural, visuals and other possible sensual experiences that are manufactured, processed and transmitted via outputs of our joint public ventures.
PHUTURE UNKNOWN is also an anchor for many other activities by its members, focusing and managing sound, design, photography, videoart and writing.
Both ČRNÁ ZEM and PHUTURE UNKNOWN initiatives run on independency and self-maintained principles sharing several autonomous backgrounds.
The attitude of self-sustainability is omnipresent, consolidating item which represent the real life basis.