LivingTotem is a mix of dark levitation, industrial beats and tribal rhythms. ritualcyberpunkdystopia
andrás gulyás aka livingtotem is both a major figure in hungary’s industrial and dark ambient scene and known for his analogue project panoramic barrier, where livingtotem's sound is made in a digital form to accomplish an entirely different set of results. andrás' fascination for electronic music dates back to his childhood when he listened to jean-michel jarre and kraftwerk. influenced by classic ebm and industrial / tribal based artists like skinny puppy, the klinik, portion control, this morn' omina and ah cama-sotz he started livingtotem in 2006. it was and is the project's aim to open a worldwide audiences' eyes and ears to his very own innovative sonic treatments, all of which are clearly audible.
the intelligent sound treatments & arrangements, the mechanical precision and organic natural power, are the cherries on the top of this cake of dark, danceable and avant-garde industrial. once again proving that LivingTotem does not care about music genres and scenes and we love him for it.

LivingTotem ‎– the first witch

Livingtotem :: Musty Sandpaper [Official Video]

LivingTotem on-live 2020.11.21.