T'ien Lai


ritual / tribal / techno / konk
starry line-up of already iconic Polish musicians led by Jakub Ziołek. T'ien Lai started as an analog electronic duo performing their noisy and sound collages. Later, the band began performing tribalistic industrial techno live shows, mixing aggressive electronics and live percussion. T'ien Lai was invited to Shape Platform in 2016 and performed at various festivals including CTM (Berlin), Unsound (Krakow), Mutek (Montreal), Luminato (Toronto), Rocolectiv (Bucharest), Phono (Odense) and more.
Currently T'ien Lai consists of three members (Jędrzejczak, Ziołek, Zieliński - should be Janicki) and looks for inspiration in modern low-key electronic music scenes, co-creating a new musical style known as "konk".

2018.04.04 | T'ien Lai w Pogłosie


2016.11.04 | T'ien Lai w Cafe Kulturalna