Lorenzo Abattoir - solifugae


Lorenzo Abattoir is a sound artist from Turin (IT). A key element of his work is the relationship between spiritual practices and unusual methods of audio processing. “The sound of chaos merges with order, where every nuance seem to be carefully adjusted and controlled”. Last album released August 27, 2021 on FlagDayRecordings.
During past years he recorded and released collaborative works with: Hermann Kopp, Phurpa, Giovanni Lami and played live performances in EU and USA. He also works as sound designer for theater “Onirica” directed by Giulia Odetto presented at Venice Biennale college year 2020.
Lorenzo Abattoir is the founder of Mare di Dirac concrete / field recordings collective based on the use of handmade instruments and analog electronics following the principles of Quantum physics.

solifugae - A/V instalation - materia: black light neons, contact mics, glue cobweb, black cymbal

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