Czech Republic

Aghiatrias is a project of composer, instrumentalist and sound designer Vladimír Hirsch and soundmaker and producer Tom Saivon, founded in 1999 as a more abstract offshoot of their martial-industrial Skrol, working on the concept of organic unity of the principles of modern compositional techniques of classical music with industrial, dark-ambient and noise structures.
VLADIMÍR HIRSCH is a Czech avantgarde composer, instrumentalist and sound designer, integrating contemporary classical, industrial and dark ambient music. His compositional style is characterized by polymodality and using digital technique to enhance sonic means of expression. He has created an extensive collection of works, which is represented by conceptual or thematic albums, 6 symphonic works, concert compositions, liturgical music, suites, stage music, and a relatively wide range of compositions for piano and organ. Besides creating solo works, he is or was the founding member and leader of bands AGHIATRIAS, SKROL, ZYGOTE, DER MARABU, LUMINAR AX, and other projects.

Aghiatrias -- Cognitive Trap

Aghiatrias - Eschatology Vol 2