castle Moravany nad Váhom, Slovakia
48.604112, 17.861546


Bratislava - distance to city by D1 railway - 85 km
Žilina - 120 km
Budapest - 220 km
Vienna airport - 140 km

The nearest train station is Piešťany, only a few km away from the festival venue. The bus station in Moravany nad Váhom is literally few metres from the castle gate.
There are directs trains from Prague to Piešťany, approx. 15-19 EUR one way.
From Piešťany you can use either public bus to Moravany nad Váhom (in Piešťany the bus stop is next to train station and in Moravany next to the castle, so no long transit) or took a taxi directly to venue, it should be about 5 € (distance is approx. 6 km). See contacts for taxi below.
You can search for public transport options HERE .

Actual official regulations of the slovak authorities for crossing borders and entering Slovakia can be always found HERE .
According to the latest agreement for travelling during summer - countries of the European union will be considered as "safe" or "green" countries - so this part of the regulations will apply to them.
Please check the actual status on both sides before you start your journey to the festival.



Directly in the english park by the manor house in the festival area.
Opens: friday 2.7. @ 2 pm.
Closes: sunday 4.7. @ 12:00 noon.
Showers, flush and mobile toilets available.
Free of charge.
Parking possible ONLY in the designated area in the festival areal, NOT directly by the tent (camping is in the english park by which is protected natural monument, please be respectful).

If you prefer more comfy accommodation - we advise you to consider this type of accomodation in these strange days we are living now - you can use these options:
Directly in Moravany nad Váhom:

Guest-house Tematín

Krížna 350
922 21 Moravany nad Váhom

Cabins Výtoky

922 21 Moravany nad Váhom, catastral area Hubina
48°36'10.6"N 17°56'04.6"E
approx 6 km from castle surrounded by nature

Guest-house Bednár

- full booked

Guest-house Tóth

- full booked

Privat Anna

- full booked

or after crossing the spa island to nearby Piešťany you will find a lot of accommodation possibilities.
Some are located also in the neighboring village Banka etc.
For example Pension Danninger

-> Airbnb/

there are numerous options.

HERE you can find an overview (including private accommodations that are not listed on Booking . com)

As Piešťany is world known spa city, we advice you to book the accomodation in time.


PN Taxi (Piešťany) (Slovak/English)
00421 915 336 649
00421 944 274 744
Piešťany Moravany nad Váhom - approx. 5 €

A-Taxi (Piešťany)
00421 915 666 600
00421 911 525 050
Piešťany Moravany nad Váhom - approx. 5 €

00421951 272 897
00421951 272 898


Will be available directly in the area of the castle or outside the areal - free.
Please do not use public parking places if possible and do not limit the traffic on the public roads.
(! Do not cross the marked borders of parking and camping area - it is by the the english park by which is protected natural monument, please be respectful).


Showers available directly on the castle.
WC: few classical ceramic flush WC + mobile WC.



Directly at the castle will be available beer, wine, non-alcoholic beverages, meals for vegetarians/vegans and carnivores as usual ;))


payments will be accepted in EUR
Note that in Moravany nad Váhom isn´t any ATM, you can find some in Piešťany.


We are sorry but you can´t take your pets with you to the area of the festival.


If you are already a parent and want to take your kids with you, children under the age of 15 will be allowed to enter the festival accompanied by parent, if you consider it´s appropriate.


Please keep in mind that the festival takes place at historical site, so drop the waste only to designated locations. Do not dispose cups and cigarette butts around or otherwise damage the venue. However we believe that the visitors of this festival are culturally aware enough.
As the castle is in the process of restoration you are entering the area of the festival on your own risk which you will be asked to confirm in writing before entering the festival area.

* Program change reserved.
The participation of foreign performers is subject to contractual conditions, depending on the current regulations on border crossing.
We believe in the expected positive development of the situation!

* To enter the event, the hygienic requirements according to the regulations of the authorities will be applied, currently at the time of the festival (possible tests / vaccinations / overcoming covid-19 and others) - depending on the current situation.
We believe that the situation will improve sufficiently towards the summer months!

COVID-19 measures:

We are trying to prepare for you a festival with preserving as much freedom and festival spirit as possible while maintaining the greatest possible degree of security.
Therefore, it is very likely that all participants will be required to meet one of the following options and prove before entering the festival area (or something similar):
- vaccination: a minimum of 21 days from the 1st dose of any vaccine (and at the same time a maximum of 3 months from the 1st dose in the case of two-dose, a maximum of 12 months from the 1st dose in the case of single-dose) - presentation of the vaccination certificate
- negative result in an Antigen, RT-PCR or LAMP test for COVID-19 not older than 12 hours - presentation of a test document for inspection - or:
- the person has overcomed COVID-19 in the period not more than 180 days ago - presentation of a positive result for inspection - or:
- this is a person under 10 years of age - parent's declaration.

ako náhrada k vyššie spomenutým možnostiam:
⊛ negatívny výsledok Antigénového testu, RT-PCR alebo LAMP testu na ochorenie COVID-19 nie staršieho ako 12 hodín - predloženie dokladu o testovaní k nahliadnutiu.
⊛ pre návštevníkov festivalu máme rezervovaný slot na antigénové testovanie v partnerskej spolupráci s Laboratóriá Piešťany, Sad Andreja Kmeťa 22 v čase 12:00 - 15:00 (v centre Piešťan, len kúsoček od Moravan, v podstate máte cestou).
Keďže autority rozhodli, že bezplatné antigénové testovanie tesne pred konaním hradieb k 1.7. končí (what a luck), máme smolu a teda testy sú spoplatnené.
Pre festivalových návštevníkov za cenu 15 EUR hradenú priamo na testovacom mieste (potrebné nahlásiť "heslo" *festival Hradby Samoty kaštieľ Moravany*), inak sú o 5 eur drahšie. Na výsledok čakáte na mieste do 15 min., vystavia vám certifikát.
Alebo hocikde inde, ak test nebude starší ako 12 hod. k vstupu do areálu.

⥊ PROSÍME, ak z určitých dôvodov nespĺňate žiadnu z vyššie uvedených podmienok, dajte sa prosím otestovať, aby sme si fesťák naplno v zdraví užili a splnili legislatívne stanovené podmienky. Ďakujeme za porozumenie. ⥊

We also count with launching of EU digital green certificates - which should launch during june - allowing safe and free traveling through countries within EU with test/vaccination/overcoming covid.

As we still balance on the edge of the pandemic please follow the anti pandemic measures:
* wash your hands
* before entering an area of the event put on a face mask - it is official regulation in Slovakia
* handshakes forbidden
* At-risk groups (persons aged 60 years and older, persons with chronic heart, vascular, lung, kidney and metabolic diseases, and immunocompromised persons and pregnant women) are advised to consider participation with the exception of those who have already been vaccinated.

! If symptoms of acute respiratory disease shows up, it is necessary to contact the doctor by phone, leave the festival area and stay in home isolation !

Hand sanitizers will be available - please use them.

As we are Hradby Samoty (Walls of Solitude) - we suppose social distancing (2m) we don't even have to accent :)


If you like the idea of the festival and would like to support it in further development and sustainability, we will be grateful for any voluntary contribution.
Your support is very important, we appreciate it very much and can not continue without it. Thank you.

Support the project - please add subject "DONATION" to the payment if sending by bank transfer.
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Castle (or exactly manor-house) in the village Moravany nad Váhom is an important cultural and historical monument near the world-famous spa town Piešťany in southwestern Slovakia. Originally a medieval building, which consisted of several separate buildings acquired its contemporary look after the reconstruction at the end of the 16th century.
Renaissance mansion with its typical arched attic is surrounded by a park, which in the past included a gallery of sculptures by artists from all over the world, created here as part of their international sculpture symposia. It served as the Home of Slovak Fine Artists. After years the art will return to this place during the festival.
Moravany is also an important archaeological site famous for discovery of statue carved from mammoth - the Neolithic Venus of Moravian, whose age is estimated at more than 20 000 years. Its original can be seen in the museal collections at Bratislava Castle.

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