Zosia Holubowska & Joanna Zabielska & Claudia Strate

Poland / Austria

MYCELIUM by Zosia Holubowska, Joanna Zabielska, Claudia Strate

“Mycelium” combines writing, handcraft, AR technology, and computer music into an immersive multi-media installation. The structure and functioning of a system of fungi inspired the project. It is a non-linear narrative about an ecosystem driven by care and collaboration, and a decentralized network providing care and aid to all elements of the forest ecosystem.
The project draws from the idea of compassion as a primary evolutionary mechanism. It imagines the possibility of an intimate relationship with nature. The story aims at reformulating the encounter with the wilderness as a tender partnership. It opposes post- capitalist globalized abuse of natural resources and objectification of nature.

idea, composition, production, and sculpture: Zosia Holubowska

texts by: Ursula Le Guin (fragment from Word for World is Forest), Agnieszka Szpila (fragment from Hexy), Claire Lefèvre, Jul Zabowskx, Claudia Strate

AR animation, 3D scans, and app development: Joanna Zabielska

spatial engineering: Rhys Connolly

supported by: City of Vienna, Ministry of Arts, Culture, Civil Service and Sport of the Republic of Austria, MONOM Studio