Zden Hlinka is a computer science engineer, a self educated digital alchemist and a lover of new experimental digital art. He started his digital art career as a member of underground computer movement "demo scene". This scene started in the 80s after a split from computer crackers as demos have been used before as a graphical banner before running the actual cracked game to promote the cracking group. Demo scene is very active in Europe and is still sort of ignored from the academic art world, therefore it's the true underground digital art made and spread for free!

He formed a group called "Satori" and since 2000, brands all creations under this label, he established a eponymous company providing various multimedia solutions. Zden is still active in demo making and producing motion videos using his low-level programming skills. After a decade of demo making Zden finally achieved a level where he was finally able to make his dream come true: to make visuals in live context. For this purpose, he was again forced to use his coding skills and made himself a unique visual instrument called Circulation which is actually an advanced and optimised software video mixer. Yet in development but still serving visuals since 2003.

Zden is making visuals for all sort of occasions from low to hi culture, from underground to overground musical occasions. The set of remarkable cooperations of 10 years includes working for FM4 radio, touring with Sofa Surfers and Hooverphonics, making visuals for poetry/modern dance/novel reading/classical music and not counting all the great DJ names and bands he played for as a part of festivals or clubbing gigs. He also took part at various exhibitions where he presented his digital prints or net.art creations - most significantly, he participated at an exhibition in Mexico at Museo Rufino Tamayo in 2000.

Rentip + Zden (live in A4 / Bratislava, July 2020)

Esocentrica by ASD + Satori - Demobit 2017 - PC Demo (1st) - [official 1440p50]