Uncle Grasha's Flying Circus

Czech Republic

Uncle Grasha´s Flying Circus is a project of experimental artist Willhelm Grasslich, originally based on his poems, surrealistic visions and manifests. The mixture of atmospheric dark ambient and metallic war-sound noise can be regarded as the essence of UGFC music, but the influences of theremin-electronics, drones, dark industrial/powerelectronics and martial drumming approaches can be traced as well. Avantgarde and propaganda fascinations and the topics of war, power relations, religion, ideologies, painful historical legacies etc. remain as the key palette of its inspiration and articulation. The live show with video background will be based on UGFC’s last releases – on album Stalinist God and on the split with Kostadis (GRE).

Uncle Grasha's Flying Circus live Prague - Underdogs 6.9. 2018