T'ien Lai


Polish experimental dance group of masked shamans returns with a new material that marks a further intensification of its distinct sound and live performance.
The group has adapted rhythms inspired by club music of Uganda, Portugal, Brazil, Angola and South Africa to create a unique musical world connecting East and West, North and South.
T'ien Lai is an electronic/organic band playing dirty rhythms. The quartet is comprised of musicians from Innercity Ensemble, Hati, Stara Rzeka, Alameda 5. The band played such festivals as CTM (Berlin), Phono (Odense), Mutek (Montreal), Luminato (Toronto) and Unsound (Krakow). T’ien Lai are known for their extraordinary live shows in which they combine radio sets, samplers, sythesizers, effects and vocals with congas, gongs, bells, horns and cymbals.

2018.04.04 | T'ien Lai w Pogłosie


2016.11.04 | T'ien Lai w Cafe Kulturalna