Shallov is a three-piece band from Bratislava merging raw, unbound post-hardcore and screamo with athmospheric post-rock/metal elements in nearly 10-minute long progressive compositions. It can be said that the outcome is definitely more than the sum of its elements. So far their discography consists of four records and they have played more than 100 concerts, both DIY venues and professionally amplified stages. Their performance is vigorous and impulsive and hits differently from venue to venue, but it’s always a three piece performance with a completely live madness, performed with warm authenticity which captivates their audience in an emotional rollercoaster.

„This is a very rare thing in Slovakia. Emo hardcore played live with studio-like precision“

„Shallov’s prog-infused hardcore draws immediate comparisons with The Mars Volta, strenuously highlighting the rich vein of talent that lies in Bratislava’s musical underbelly at this moment in time.“ (

„Merging different genres and tempers in an intense authentic way makes Shallov a band that could find its soulmates anywhere on earth. “

Shallov was formed in a garage of Bratislava in 2013 where their first DIY release “no place for two” was recorded. Since then they’ve released a few full length studio records: “concrete & glass“ (2017), compress, expand (2019) and an audiovisual single Coexist (2022). In these records, Shallov has convergentally built up their way of composition and sound, which are hearably rooted in underground post-hardcore, but mixed with many other influences in an interesting ratio. Their records were rated high in some of the most relevant alternative music magazines around. or
They performed live on national radio (radio_fm) and shared stage with world-known bands such as Birds in Row (FR), Joliette (MEX), Mercy Ties (USA), Viva Belgrado (ESP), No Omega (SWE), Tangled Thoughts of Leaving (AUS), Labirinto (MEX), Les Discrets (FR) and more. Shallov has so far performed at more than 150 concerts in 15 European countries and at many of the local alternative festivals in and around Slovakia.

shallov "concrete & glass, part III." - live at Garáže, Bratislava 2021

Shallov // Coexist (Official Music Video)