Olaf Olafsonn and the Big Bad Trip

Czech Republic

Olaf Olafsonn and the Big Bad Trip (BBT) are an instrumental psychedelic rock band from Prague, Czech Republic. They are well known for their masked stage appearance and their influences are as diverse as krautrock, classical music or black metal. Apart from the standard two guitars, bass & drums, they occasionally make interesting and unconventional use of the flute.

Since BBT got together at a point when all members already had ample experience from previous bands, they had only been practising for about two months before releasing their 24-minute debut Chakra Meditations in March 2015. This record drew heavily on improvisation – many of the lead guitar parts, flute solos or drum fills were created impromptu in the studio. Shortly afterwards, BBT played their first live show in Prague and started to gig pretty frequently, quickly gaining recognition in the Czech underground scene.

In December 2015, they released an EP called Plague, which marked a great leap in the band’s sound, songwriting and overall sophistication. Plague is in fact one 19-minute song, divided into six tracks/phases. After the release of Plague, the band played quite a few shows in the Czech Republic as well as abroad (UK, Germany, Switzerland), with the likes of Hexvessel, Der Blutharsch, 10 000 Russos, Lumerians, White Hills, Monomyth or Glasgow Coma Scale.

To break the silence after a year’s wait, BBT put out a single called Desecration of the Idols in December 2016 and announced that in 2017 they will be working on an extraordinary concept album consisting of four parts, each for one season of the year, with all instruments recorded out in the open air. The project is called The Feathers of Oblivion and the first part, Spring, already came out on CD in April. Based on a unique approach to harmony devised by BBT’s bass player, The Mathematician, Spring includes ambient sounds, classical music-inspired elements and dark as well as uplifting moments. When all four seasons are finished, BBT plan to release The Feathers of Oblivion on vinyl as a double LP.

OLAF OLAFSONN AND THE BIG BAD TRIP - The Reanimation of the Young Goddess of Summer (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

Olaf Olafsonn and the Big Bad Trip live in Chapeau Rouge Prague 8.4.2015