Nytt Land


NYTT LAND is inspired by the traditional Siberian music and the atmosphere of classical Norwegian black metal.
Signed to UK label "Cold Spring Records"
Unique throat singing and wide diapason clear vocal technique for both – male and female voices.
Most of the musical instruments made by hand of Nytt Land’s musicians.
We are singing on the old languages of central Siberia and northen Europe and perform real authentic ritual / epic songs in our special sound.
We are recording and mixing all Nytt Land’s song ourselves on our studio.
The NYTT LAND is fully staffed with own modern technical equipment for full-fledged live performances.

Nytt Land - Ragnarok (Jorvik Takeover 2019 promo video)

Nytt Land - Ragnarök (teaser 2019)

Nytt Land - Sal sér hon standa

Nytt Land - Völuspá (Ask veit ek standa)

Nytt Land - Áðr Burs synir ( Völuspá )