Miroslav Tóth & Dystopic Requiem Quartet

Slovakia / Czech Republic

The piece is inspired by the work of George Crumb Black Angels which recently celebrated its half- century anniversary. The author decided to dedicate his composition to the parents of Egon and Fedor Gál – Vojtěch Gál who was shot dead on the death march from Sachsenhausen, and Barbora Gál, who raised both their sons on her own.

The musical work Black Angels Songs is divided into two books. Book I is a collection of nine compositions that allude to war and funerals. The music material from these compositions is later used by the author for resampling and granular synthesis using electronics in the second part of the string quartet – Book II. This part is an expressively explosive and sonically massive counterpart of Book I. The work therefore features two contrasting parts – the first acts as a reminiscence of the forgotten past and the second as a reminder of the alienated present.

The Dystopic Requiem Quartet consists of first-class Czech violinists David Danel and Anna Veverková, of the Prague Radio Symphony Orchestra, as well as of the North Czech Philharmonic, the Prague Modern ensemble, and leading Slovak performers of classical contemporary music, Adam Pechočiak on viola and Andrej Gál on cello.
The composer Miroslav Tóth himself will himself play electronic instruments

Miroslav Tóth: autor / author
Fedor Gál: hlas / voice
Dystopic Requiem Quartet:
David Danel - husle
Anna Veverková - husle 
Adam Pechočiak - viola
Andrej Gál - violončelo
Miroslav Tóth – elektronika

Miroslav Tóth: BOOK II. - Black Angels Songs (premiere)

Miroslav Tóth: Black Angels Songs - BOOK I. (premiere)