Mike Nylons is the electronic music moniker of János Borsos fine artist. Mike is active in the Hungarian scene since the early 2000s - co-founded the art collective 'The Corp.' - released his Eneme Trilogy on Farbwechsel Records, Dióbél and finally EXILES.

"This is the beginning of the end. The circle closes. The eternal cyclical process whereby ENEME comes to knowledge of itself is about to complete. ENEME is another name of Ouroboros of a serpent eating its tail. ENEME consumed itself through three distinctive stages, but it is this last supper where we all come to realize that we have always been sentenced to the eternal cycle of self-cannibalization. Thus, the third and final album of Mike Nylons's grandiose trilogy ENEME informs us about the actual weight of the transfiguration we all went through by joining him in this sonic odyssey. It has resulted in a mutation whereby our ears became our new oral organs of ingestion and incorporation. In return, ENEME turned into a self-consuming multi-headed hydra that metabolized many music genres and styles within itself, whether it be a concrete cathedral techno-banger, a bass-oriented post-club mutant, or harsher noise textures soaked in ritualistic whispers." - Zsolt Miklósvölgyi

Mike Nylons ends his Eneme Trilogy: a multi-genre “Narrentanz” delivered by three Hungarian brother labels (Farbwechsel, Dióbél, EXILES) on three different formats (digital, lathe cut vinyl, cassette) finally concludes in a disturbing spatial experience, the closure of an artist’s period, the evolution of a sound - Mike faces his greatest enemy (himself) and overcomes yet gets defeated.

Mike Nylons - NY Style [EX66]