At the festival you will have the opportunity to experience one of the very rare gig of this project.
Metrom is a cult dark ambient/martial industrial project from Bratislava, Slovakia, founded by Nenad Branković and Michal Tornyai.
"Metrom is a dark music project from Bratislava, Slovakia. In summer of 2007 we started to experiment with our musical ideas. In 2008 we self-released a CDR EP Atra Dies with two additional tracks by our related musical project Yspotua. After a few successful live performances in Slovakia, Czech Republic and Germany we had a two year hiatus. In 2011 Metrom is reborn.
In 2014 Metrom Is death. "

Metrom - Live at A4, Bratislava, November 2011 (audio + projection video)

Phragments & Metrom - Machines Of Both Wires And Flesh (live)