1981, Spišské Podhradie, Slovakia

Author's exhibition of one of the most unique visual artist of young slovak generation will present a series of hybrid objects that communicate metanarative of the religious myth in post-digital iconography. Author continuously evolves religious themes in his work and applies them authenticaly on current issues of digital technologies, virtual networks and artificial intelligence. He critically reviews the state of aura of artworks, whos qualities of individuality and originality had been redefined by technological development. The object of art resembles the fragments of the extolled theology, it is a probe into communication processes in a world, that has explained all miracles and made them so unsacred. This fact is transformed by the use of forms of industrial material - IT technologies - from which hypertext reliquaries are composed. The confrontation of profane and spiritual iconography opens up a new context - a review of artistic strategies for a future past that will rate the importance of physical creation and biological author in the 21st century. Digimysterium of post-internet saint - Ivan Karamazov tempted by Linux. (Adam Macko)