Mare Di Dirac


Mare di Dirac project is based on the fundamental principles of Quantum Physics applied to field recording.
Electro-acoustic resonances of traditional instruments are used as sound sources in order to create a bridge between spiritualism and science.
Mare Di Dirac are an Italian collective who create lo-fi,ritual based sound that mix together elements field recordings, natural reverb, human voices, subtle electronics, and selection of instrumental / percussion matter taking in: old church organ, didgeridoo, Tibetan bells, marine trumpet, rain drum & other elements. Their sound falls somewhere between crude ritual ambience, murky grim drone matter, and dark ‘n’ dank sound art

Mare Di Dirac 14/02/2020 live @ Noises From The Basement vol.28, Belluno, IT

Mare di Dirac Turin

Mare Di Dirac Live (excerpt) @Ziggy Club, Torino (IT), 2018