Czech Republic

Electronic, industrial, techno, darkish, experimental, and ambient project of Aitcher Clark and Anna Coranić, who are inspired by lots of aspects by various musical genres and doesn’t care about the form, public expectation or length of tracks. With their sound they generally express the need of free creation.

„Electronic duo Lofn with their music crossed as one of the few czech local scene. Their ever mutable live performance are great promises of more big things next to come. Although the monumental sound and extraordinary rhythm is very characteristic for them, they can show up also their finer aspects. Ambient textures combined with female voice of its kind, mystical layers are almost very close to liturgy.
Their live performances alongside OAKE, Telefon Tel Aviv and especially Hiro Kone shuffled cards with the deep-seated perception of headliners and support artists.”
wrote Vaclav Adam / Letmo Production

Their premiere concert took part in 2017, as a support for Telefon Tel Aviv at the ex pop-up club Neone / Lunchmeat with a strong response by the audience. Since then they presented their sound at many venues and festivals and they shared a stage e.g. with SØS Gunver Ryberg during Krake /Lunchmeat festival @ Berlin Grießmühle, with Grebenstein at Lunchmeat festival in 2018 or OAKE and Hiro Kone. In December 2019 they opened a one day Lunchmeat festival with their A/V performance Forbidden in collaboration with visual artist Gabriela Prochazka, supported by The Ministry of Culture Czech republic.

Debut EP Post Apo Romance, mixed by Kris Lapke (Alberich, Hospital Production, USA) and mastered by Giovanni Conti at Artefacts Berlin was released in September 2021 on the italian record label Veyl in digital and also on vinyl. Afterwards they added two tracks into Veyl family compilation Utopia Vanished released in November 2021, when one of their tracks - a cover by Chris Isaak's Wicked Game was mentioned by Bandcamp as one of essential highlights.

LOFN - Mother (music video)

LOFN - Post-Apo Romance