Literatúra na hradbách


Dusk, smell, author's poetry, experiment. Literary section of the manor house in Moravany nad Váhom during Hradby Samoty.

Poetic duet Castl(ittl)e._ literature performance by Ivana and Danica, which works with the principle of constructed coincidence. The authors had exchanged little messages capturing everyday life for one month. At the festival, they will recite the created text together.
Artists: Danica Citráková, Ivana Rovenská.

Juicing her Jesus is a project created in the Studio of the Environment at the Brno Faculty of Fine Arts in 2021. The collective was founded by four audio-visual artists, Andrea Dudková, Katarina Kadijević, Tereza Hlaváčová and Ivana Rovenská.
Text, sound, word, synth.
Thesis, extinction, synthesis.
Musical electronic foam with stories. Foamy thought, foam at the mouth, rabies. Rabies in the process of cooking.