Lahka Muza


LAHKA MUZA originated as 4-members new wave band in Czechoslovakia back in 1984 (Gudrun – vocals, 677 – guitar, German – H – bass guitar and Dr. K – drums). Until 1989 (the “Velvet Revolution”) the band cooperated mainly with the Czech underground music scene. Due to this reason the first two official records (mc tapes) were released by the Black Point record company in Prague in 1991. In the same year two band members (German H and Dr. K) decided to leave the group and the core members of the group – Gudrun and 677 – are forced to accept new music and electronic technologies, which would allow them to compose, record and release the first LP/CD – Tieň Bolesti (The Shadow of Pain) under the ZOON RECORDS label. Until nowadays the record belongs among rare collectors items. The feedback on the guitar-industrial compositions was positive especially in abroad. On the domestic conservative Slovak scene Ľahká Múza belonged to phenomenon which were perceived in positive way by very few…. However, their rough “guitar industrial” sound belongs among the best what was produced during the pioneering years of industrial music in Czechoslovakia.

In the following period the band experimented with more fully arrangements and the second CD Chvenie absolutna (Trembling of the Absolute) was released under the Czech INDIES Records label in 1995. The album is filled with electronic sounds and vocal experiments, which have defined the bands’ style for long years…In the same year the band performed at the international Alternatíva festival which took place at Prague’s Archa theatre and the new album received warm responses from both audience and reviewers….

The band continued in its development and the third album Sen ohraničeného života (The Dream of Definite Life) was released under the Slovak SONICCA label. The album has more guitar sound and more minimalistic, resulting in an original ritual and atmospheric music. In addition to releasing of albums, the band intensively performed in Czechoslovakia and participated at all relevant festivals and events during 90’s. As the interest of clubs to organize local alternative events gradually decreased, the band decided to perform more on foreign stages, which was possible also thanks to excellent feedback to their three CD’s and numerous interviews published in music magazines….

In 2000 the band releases its fourth CD Cesty svetla plynú temnotou (The Ways of Light Flow through Darkness) under the Polish Black Flames label. Afterwards the album is presented on the Caste Party festival in Poland which opened the way for the band to performances at other foreign festivals such as Gothik Treffen in Germany, Dark Nation Day in Austria, Kunigunda Lunaria in Lithuania, Menue Juodaragis in Lithuania, Beyond The Veil in England, Black-Out in Austria, the Polish Castle Party 2001, 2005 and 2011, ShockTherapy in Lithuania, MoonFog in Poland, Brutal Assault in the Czech Republic, Eurydice festival in France and to numerous club concerts in the mentioned countries.

In 2004 the fifth multimedia album V záblesku Večnosti (In a Flesh of Eternity) is released under the Lithuanian Dangus label. In 2002 the band established also a side project HIEROS GAMOS, which is focused on pure electronic music and performances, performing both in Slovakia and in abroad. In 2006 another album - Fetish Remix - is released under its own eXcentriX Records label.

The core of the band (Gudrun and 677) has always been interested in cooperations with other musicians and performers and therefore they have cooperated with Peter H., VODA, Moon, Leandra and iNOVA bass guitar players and with Black Cats, Erewan, SpunkyNymph, Violet D, P. Rawe and Leandra performers. All named guests have contributed to the evolving visual and artistic style of the band. Besides the music and singing in Slovak language, the visual part belongs among specific characteristics of the band.

In 2013 the band releases its sixth album Byť Tvojim Zrkadlom (To be Your Mirror) under its own eXcentriX label and continued in performing both at home and in abroad. In 2014 the band celebrated its 30th anniversary on the music scene, performing at a series of concerts and presenting of a new album… At the same time a new bass guitar player iNOVA joined the band and in this composition the band performs also nowadays.

Since 2015 the band has started a cooperation with cameraman Jan Peter Háber in order to prepare a DVD mapping the band performances from 1993 till 2015 – 118 minutes from different periods of the existence of the band should offer a retrospective view on concerts which according to fans belong to their best experiences. Taking into account the numerous non-European fans of Ľahká Múza, the band believes that the DVD will bring an unique experience to them. The “Performance” DVD should be released under eXcentriX label

LAHKA MUZA - NAPLNENIE - live 2013 koncert s The Young Gods ,BRATISLAVA

Lahka Muza - Pád,1991