( industrial - blackened - doom ) Slovakia

One man project from Bratislava (Slovakia), former known as G# was since 2015 playing pure loud drone – doom with his 6 string bassguitar and lot of overdrived amps.

Nowadays, renamed to Kragrowargkomn enhancing his funeral / drone doom roots with dirty toxic industrial sound.

Exhausted blackened cacophonyc chords, escalating loops, downtuned basslines, monotonne industrial drum beats and samples can drive you to madness and hystery.

He was also cooperating with lot of another artists (The Last King of Poland, The Bassenger (as Basseng#er), Vrtačky po desáte hodině) and is members of projects Matra (with 900piesek), “g#Drén” (with Drén) and Rázsochy (experimental doom band).

Kragrowargkomn (G#) - LIVE @ A4 / Bratislava [2017-11-28] (HD audio)