Unorthodox solutions, typical post-rock gradations, intense sound, memorable melodies as well as specific (non)musical content refers to local issues that they know best and are close to them. Since 2018, the group Jób has been trying to tell the most ordinary human dreams, desires and disappointments in the form of complex sonic stories, because happiness is multiplied by sharing, but sadness is divided. They admit to inspiration in genres such as post-rock, post-metal, sludge, as well as the whole sphere of progressive music. Their latest release is their D.I.Y debut EP MMXIX. Jób is nominated in the Radio_Head Awards as the discovery of the Year 2019.

Jób - Berka (Headbanger_FM - 17/2/2020)

Jób - Mlčanie (6/9/2019 HidePark - Nitra)

Jób - Symbol (6/9/2019 HidePark - Nitra)