Jano Doe

Slovakia / Czech Republic

Jano Doe uses homebuilt electronics to create sounds exploring limits of our auditory perception, incorporating extreme frequencies, volumes and sound event timescales, frequently crossing the barrier to physical sound perception. This sound is defined by inversions, creating the notion that the instrument is controlling the instrumentalist and where the formally sonorous becomes a representation of electrical, physical phenomena even before it is sound. Using intuitively conceived module arrangements, chaotic systems with fragile equilibria occur, always sweeping closer to the catastrophe point.
She founded the bastl duo The Receivers, performing site-specific acts with radio scanners, software-defined radio and DIY modular synthesizer. Katarína is also a member of noise music groups Inocenc, Augiášův sonický chlév and of the Prague-based live-coding open group Kolektiv.

JANO DOE live at Punctum