I am Planet


I am planet is a moniker of a Slovak contemporary classical composer and musician Patrik Korinok. I am planet plays music based on influences of contemporary classical and sacral minimalism music. In July 2014, he released his first studio album “Silene Stenophylla”. His second album “On The Way To Antarctica” was released by Deadred Records (SK) and Starcastic Records (CZ) in June 2016.The latest album “Natura Resonat“ was released on May 2018 by Deadred Records (SK) and Starcastic Records (CZ) on 12-inch transparent vinyl and also as a digital download. Tracks on the new album Natura Resonat are composed more for string instruments than on previous recordings, Patrik uses here a wide, sacred, almost orchestral sound, while the piano gets to the position of an inconspicuous, but important, guide for string core of the album.

I am planet - When the flowers began to disappear (official music video teaser)

I am planet - Misericors (live)

I am planet - Valse (Movement II) at festival Cool v Plotě