Hojda - Samayel & Laila


Samayel (Samuel Fajnor) worked his way through photography to new media, presenting his creations at various festivals (e.g. Hradby Samoty, Pohoda). He is constantly looking for new forms and/or formats for his artistic journey. Starting from installations, mappings and interactive animations, he is gradually shifting his focus to creations within the so-called physical new media. Laila (Ivana Drobná) has temporarily left the world of marketing and 3D printing to work on her own projects. She creates mostly 3D animations with an overlap into the material world, and she competes with them at international demo parties. She also works with light (mostly UV) and connects it to natural elements. You can also remember her as the creator of Coloring Pages for Adults or the photo project What’s in a hacker's backpack.

Swing, swing, swing! The creative duo Samayel and Laila present a must-experience interactive object that combines the simplicity and straightforwardness of an idea with a complicated world of technology. The result of their cooperation is guaranteed to bring joy to all the playful souls out there! There is no need to observe their artistic work from a careful distance, on the contrary: get on and use it to swing in your own rhythm! Hojda adapts to the speed and intensity of users' movement with light and sound, so each “swing” shapes the multimedia experience for the audience in the area.