Fero Király vs. Philip Glass


Fero Kiraly (www.ferokiraly.com) graduated from the Music Faculty of Academy of Performing Arts, Bratislava where he studied piano. He is interested in musical projects overlapping performance, sound art, installation, interpretations of contemporary music and musical reinterpretation of visual art. He is also involved in educational projects where he experiments and often tests his own limits by creating own software and collaborating with other artists from different disciplines.

He created a series of workshops for children called Soundring in which he uses self-made music instrument Zvukodrom. He is the author of interactive book for music teachers PIANORA that consists of musical and sound games and experimental music.

As a chamber player he is a member of various international ensembles (Cluster Ensemble, VENI ensemble, Kiraly & Zabkova, Namestie Republiky, Dirt Ensemble, Urban Hudak and others).

Fero Kiraly - Dances (trailer)

Philip Glass - Two Pages (organ - Fero Kiraly, visuals - Jan Sicko)

KRAA #6: Festival skutočne súčasnej hudby