Czech Republic / Slovakia

The Light Beyond / Rárog & Drén
post-martial atmospheric doom noise

Sometimes walking through the alley alongside the day to day ephemeral torsos, wastelands, abysses and apocalypses, passing them by, by the gnosis and the sense of the oblivion. Another time deluged in ecstasy of hope, peace and milk and honey. But always keep heading with widespread wings to the rightful conquest, to the light.

Symbiosis of unbalanced waveforms collapsing the firm ground and listener's throne into the blinding, glaring red smelt. By inhaling it and carving the scars into the time, the randomized powers releases the maze into a new entity, the barbaric etheral solid freestone. Sonorous vivid torch of the heavy doom drone burst compounded with furious vociferous ramble emissions draining the mind from the short bone shelter into the nameless candid God's habitat.

Fallen and risent, burnt and reborn. The atmospheric martial doom noise, the golden winged guardian of remains and memories which is circling over all battlefields across aeons.