Domkirke av Plager represents the inner mental decay and descend into a person´s own demise.
The project is not aiming to achieve anything or to please anybody. It is the most honest and uncompromised manifestation of a collapsing mind.
The sounds and structures presented by this moniker vary from their nature and their shape is often redefined.
But regardless of their form, the essence which is characteristic for the project is always present in the final result.
The progression of the project so far expanded from primitive expressions through harsh soundscapes to more subtle yet deconstructive vessels of paranoia, ecstasy and acceptance of one´s self-defeat. By capturing these moments musically, the listener is left with the purest representation of these themes and emotions and is left to wonder, what monstrous visions shall be revealed.

Domkirke av Plager - Cathedral Of Plagues (full album, 2019)

Domkirke av Plager - I (full album, 2019)