daRKRam ~ Ramon Moro


Ramon Moro (trumpeter always recognisable for his visionary sound) has worked in diverse fields in the last twenty years: jazz settings, electronic or improvisation music, collaborations with rock bands, participations in pop-songwriters’ music albums.
He collaborates with contemporary art artists, directors and videomakers, thanks to his aptitude to improvisation, care of sound and his sensibility to interact with other expressive forms.
He played in Richi Ferrero’s art installation, in Botto & Bruno’s work, he has collaborated with artist duo Masbedo and Alessandro Sciaraffa.
Together with Paolo Spaccamonti he composed the original soundtrack of Fabio Bobbio’s film “I Cormorani”. He performed with 3quietmen (power trio active since 1999) on important stages such as Magdeburg Jazz Festival, Rome Jazz Festival, China tour.
He attended the “Laboratorio Permanente di Ricerca Musicale” for two years, held by pianist Stefano Battaglia in Siena Jazz Foundation.
He has published the work “Stone and Death”, a darkambient blackmetal concept album with the pseudonym daRKRam.
He published the album “Dreams”, with pianist Emanuele Maniscalco, on 14th September he published the album “Blue Horizon” for the label Aut Records, with his new Ramon Moro Quartet.
He just published his third album in solo “Offering” for the indian label Subcontinental Records.

Ramon Moro aka daRKRam - Stone and Death - VI [Male Rode] live

Ramon Moro aka daRKRam - Stone and Death - Trailer

SECRET SPIRITs - Ramon Moro & Alessandro Sciaraffa