Czech Republic

This project combines medieval and folk music features, dungeon synth esthetic, and ambient field recordings from the historical site of Budeč in central Bohemia.
Olaf Olafsonn, an ethnomusicologist well known within the Czech psychedelic rock scene, and Zuzana Gulová, a professional historical woodwind player, form
a unique duo of multi-instrumentalists. They bring together the past and the present not only by using historical narratives as their musical inspiration but also by using copies of early instruments such as pipe&tabor, shawm and double-flute together with modern flute, modern Godin lute, Korg Microkorg, Roland System-1, loop station or Akai MPX.
Their latest EP was inspired by the old Czech Christmas songs related to rorate masses.

Their full lenght album (2022) called ‘LX’ is an hommage to 59 warriors and one female buried in a mass grave at Budeč hill after the battle in the 10th century, divided into 10 movements based on the requiem texts.

Budečská upírka slaví MDŽ (official video)

Budeč - LX (official audio)