Brighter Death Now


Brighter Death Now is the artist name under which Roger Karmanik (b. 1965 as Roger Karlsson), the founder of the Swedish record label Cold Meat Industry, releases death industrial, power electronics and dark ambient music (Aghast, Arcana, Atrium Carceri, Coph Nia, Deutsch Nepal, In Slaughter Natives, Mortiis,Nordvargr, Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio, Raison d'être, Rome and more) - One of the oldest and most respected labels dealing with power electronics, noise, experimental and ambient music..

BDN was the original death industrial act, combining whitehouse-style walls of white noise with churning repetitive sounds and obscure subject matter.
Whereas early Brighter Death Now recordings tended to be largely instrumental and atmospherically oriented, present-day releases often feature screamed vocals, distorted beyond comprehension. Throughout its history, Karmanik has kept his music's thematic elements focused on such topics as child molestation, sadism, and psychosis.

The imagery involves death, obsession, and psychosis. However, Karmanik never misses the opportunity to show the dark humorous side of his personality; his BDN persona switches between petulant spoiled-brat little girl and serial killer at the drop of a hat.

Karmanik closed down Cold Meat Industries around the beginning of 2014 as he expressed that he was suffering mentally and physically from the stress of running the label. By the end of 2014, Karmanik had fully immersed himself within the shroud of Brighter Death Now and announced the creation of his new label Familjegraven whose sole purpose is to release his own projects, including rarities, reissues, and new recordings.

Brighter Death Now - Innerwar (cold Meat Industry)

Brighter Death Now - Payday