Walk in the dark, the expedition with Čierne diery

We have prepared an extraordinary trip you should not miss. Our bus will take you from Jelšava to Magnezitovce. Have you ever seen functionalist church? You will have a chance to see one at the beginning of this expedition. With regard to the places that will be ahead of you, seeing a sacred structure can bring some peace to your soul. Nearby there will be a viaduct and a small tunnel. A little test of courage or a teaser. Later, you are going to be moved to the larger tunnel. Here you start a journey through dark two and half kilometers long space. After about forty five minutes of absolute darkness, you will be welcomed by the bright light on the other side. Rebirth, liberation and kind of relief is guaranteed. In Slavošovce a bus will be awaiting you, ready to take you to the beautiful blast furnace with even more beautiful name - Etelka. In order to learn about the places you are going through, guys from Čierne diery (Black Holes) project will provide lectures for you. So do not hesitate to experience this on your own skin. Limited for 40-50 people.
If you are intrested please register for the excursion in the section Tickets.
Expected start of the trip: Saturday 22.7. before noon.

The guide's comment will be in Slovak and English language.